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ChemSpain is the only platform for international advocacy and trade defense for the chemical industry

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ChemSpain “Chemicals from Spain. By FEIQUE” (hereinafter, ChemSpain) is the only platform for international advocacy and trade defense for the chemical industry that allows to search and find your supplier, and to show and sell your products.
ChemSpain is a platform that is part of the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (hereinafter, FEIQUE) services.
FEIQUE represents the Spanish chemical industry, a sector made up of more than 3,100 companies, with an annual turnover of 56,400 million Euros, which generates 12,4% of the Gross Industrial Product and 540,000 jobs in Spain. The chemical sector is the second largest exporter of Spanish economy, and the first investor of R&D&i; and environmental protection.
The chemical industry produces the products that guarantee our quality of life. From the more basic needs, as health, power, or hygiene, to those that allow us to enjoy a greater welfare. Without the contributions of chemistry, our life expectancy just wouldn’t overcome the age of 40, and it is the science that cures our diseases, multiplies the performance of the crops and allows us to drink water from the tap.

Our services
The ChemSpain team offers a platform that makes our companies and their products more visible and, in turn, finds solutions to the barriers that affect any supply of chemicals in any country around the world.
The directory of chemical products includes more than 100,000 products from 1,000 different companies, supplied currently to almost 200 countries.

Why should your company be interested?
  1. We help to promote global your products with a bilingual directory of English/Spanish.
  2. We find your supplier in Spain and provide you with direct contact.
  3. In close and direct collaboration with the Spanish authorities and international entities, we seek the solution to those trade and not trade barriers to which eventually your company could face.
ChemSpain is a free service for all companies affiliated directly to FEIQUE or their Member Associations.

If you are not a member, you can join FEIQUE or any of its territorial or sector organizations (link members) or, if you are a manufacturer, hire the services of ChemSpain by paying an initial fee of € 2,000 and € 500 annually from the first year.

How can I subscribe?
Contact us through: indicating the reason for your interest, contact person in your company and we will answer as soon as possible.

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You can find us in Madrid, Spain:
C/ Hermosilla 31
28001 Madrid

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Tel: 914317964


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