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REACH Integra, S.L.

REACH Integra, S.L. was created with the mission to provide technical services that allow giving solutions to manufacturers, importers and users of chemicals in relation to the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the different national and European laws that regulate the safety and/or protection of the products manufactured and marketed.

REACH Integra has a team of experienced professionals in the industrial sector with a high technical skill and knowledge of the industrial reality as well as a high level of independence and solvency, specialists in all areas of security and the prevention of risks in the industry, in response to the challenges of the sector security products as well as providing technical assistance to ensure levels of security compatible with its activity, the environment and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The main companies of the sectors OIL & GAS, chemical and petrochemical, energy, mining, cement, iron and steel, agri-food, pharmaceutical and port, as well as industrial associations and the Administration trust in the comprehensive solutions offered by REACH Integra that provides an efficient support in the following aspects:
Management of consortia and SIEF

Since the first services developed by REACH Integra, REACH Integraprofessionals capabilities have allowed addressing new challenges, new legislation or new formats.

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Tel: +34 902 565 131
Fax: +34 954 460 515

Email: info@reachintegra.com
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