Trade barriers

The main objective of the trade policy is to reduce / eliminate the trade barriers.
The trade barriers include all measures that restrict international trade.


The term trade barriers refer to the business practices adopted or maintained by a third country in respect of which international trade rules establish a right of action. That right of action will exist when the international trade standards prohibit the right of search the elimination of the effect of the practice at issue.

The removal of trade barriers to trade in goods and services can be carry out in various ways:

  • In the European Union there are specific provisions to eliminate the barriers to trade that are collected in the Trade Barrier Regulation (TBR). The TBR confers to complainant companies the right that their claim will be object of investigation and led, in its case, to the appropriate international instances.
  • In order to identify adequately the different trade barriers that hinder access for member state companies to the markets of third countries, this Sub-directorate manages the system on Barriers in Foreign Markets of the Secretary of State.

Latest published trade barriers affecting the sector are then available next:

1. In compliance with Directive 2015 / 1535 that enforces to inform of the technical regulations relating to products.

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2. SPS Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures.

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3. TBT Committee on Technical Trade Barriers.

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